The Dominoe Story” - 50 ways

Whole class:
·        Storyboard example to use with whole class on an interactive whiteboard or with a tablet
·        Group share and evaluation Student/Peer review and assessment
·        Group story creation process:
·        Brainstorm
·        Collect and prune ideas down
·        Develop the project using collaborative tools: Online whiteboard site or Google Docs
·        Assign individual tasks and responsibilities
·        Work through the remaining 10 steps
·        Evaluate group dynamic and final product

·        Collaborative online creation tool. Allows for multiple contributors.

·        Windows 7 product that does most of the ‘work’ in creating a digital album.

·         A Microsoft product that takes multiple images and ‘stiches’ them together to form 3D images that can be manipulated. Requires at least Windows XP release.

Topical search engine
·        Provide students the topic and this engine collects all the media needed to create digital stories.