Integrating Web 2.0:

Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the workshop, participants will:

To gain an understanding of the benefits offered by using the online collaboration model as part of your classroom structure
Identify how Web 2.0 tools can be effectively integrated into the curriculum
Collaborate with colleagues regarding the integration of Web 2.0 tools
Design a lesson using a Web 2.0 product for use in the classroom

Exploring Web 2.0: Jigsaw Activity

In small groups participants will identify the key features of this tool and how this tool can be integrated into lessons for various content areas. 
Each group will present and share their findings to the group while the audience participates with the groups' examples. 

·    What it is?

·    How to use this tool

·    How this tool can be used with and by students?

·    What items need to be considered when using this tool with students?

Resource 1: Wiki (Collaboration and Communication)

Explanation of Wikis
Set up your own Wiki

Wiki tools

Any Grade Level Example

Elementary Example
Explore the lesson. Look at the student samples.
Middle/High School Example
 Examine the spirit of collaboration.

Resource 3: Blog (Communication)

We recommend using the district approved resources for blogs
Are you a Blogger? Who do you follow? Who are your fellow teachers following professionally?

Leaving Good Blog Comments

21 Classes Blogging Tool that does not require a student email!
Example blogs

Resource 4: Weebly (Communication and Presentation)

What is Weebly? Read, Watch, and Find out

Create a Weebly of your very own.

Out of the Box, Into the Oven
Jonas Salk

Resource 5: Glogster Edu (Presentation, Creativity, and Innovation)