Project Based learning through WebQuests

Workshop Objectives:

Identify the difference between a WebQuest and Web Scavenger Hunt
Interact with various WebQuests on the internet
Acquire ideas to integrate technology into the curriculum to enhance student learnng



1.    Identify specifics of a WebQuest, including the definition, major components, rationale, and evaluation methods. 
**Introduction, task, process, resources, 
            evaluation and conclusion **

2.    What's the Score? WebQuest rubric for evaluating rubrics
Evaluate a WebQuest
        Elementary Webquest on Webquest
        MS Webquest on Webquest
        HS Webquest on Webquest
3.    Identify uses of WebQuests in the classroom
4.    Your Turn!   Generate ideas for building a WebQuest, ensure individualization through differentiation
5.    Create or modify a simple WebQuest


Free WebQuest Maker
Additional sites for webquests
Collier Webquest Examples

Student WebQuest Template
Teacher WebQuest Template